How does it all work? (Zip Money)

1. Interest-free period

Your interest-free period refers to the length of time for which your purchase will not incur interest. After this period, your outstanding balance will accumulate interest at the standard annual rate (outlined in your contract).

More about Interest-Free periods here

2. Application Process

Our online application process takes less than 3 minutes. You simply choose the appropriate credit limit, input your residential, employment and financial information, and verify your identity through an SMS code. You need to have your own email address and mobile phone number in order to complete an application. After submitting your application, the Underwriting Team will assess the information provided and determine whether we are able to proceed with your account. Often we may email you if we require further information!

More about Applying here

3. Registering your account

If approved, we will send an activation link to your email address. The activation step will detail your contract and requires you to provide your payment details for your regular direct debit payment.

4. Making a purchase

You can now manage and use your account at any Zip Money or Zip Pay affiliated merchant both online and in-store! See our stores page for a list of current retailers.

Click here for How to shop instore

Click here for How to shop online

5. Set up repayments

Once you have made a purchase, you can set up your repayments to fall monthly, fortnightly or weekly at whatever amount suits you (provided this is greater than the monthly minimum). Please note that we only accept debit cards and payments via your bank account. We will automatically attempt to take those repayments so there is no need for you to make them.

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6. Additional payments

You can also make additional payments whenever you like via card or BPay.


your scheduled payment will still be processed even if you make an additional payment outside of schedule!

7. Failed payments

If your payment fails, you can make the payment manually by logging into your account via a one-off payment or BPAY, or reschedule it to be re-processed in a few days time.

8. Closing your account

If you have paid off your account and don't need it anymore, please let us know here.
Remember - you won't be charged anything to keep your account open when your balance is at $0.00

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