Can I sign up customers for both Zip Pay and Zip Money instore?

A new and improved sign up flow is now live instore that allows customers to sign up for either Zip Pay or Zip Money depending on how much they are looking to spend. If you are using the new point-of-sale marketing material (which promotes the url, or if you use the 'create invite' or 'create order' functionality in the dashboard, these changes are now in effect.

Note: If you are still directing customers to or you should order new marketing material now as the new flow is not currently active on these URLs.

What does the experience look like?

  1. The customer visits, having seen the marketing material in your store.
  2. The customer clicks to create an account.
  3. We ask the customer how much they are looking to spend and direct them to the product that suits their needs.


What are the benefits of the new instore sign-up process?

Overall it means both you and your customers get the most out of Zip by having access to both of our account types upon signing up.

With the new process, purchases under $1,000 become frictionless for customers. The easier the sign-up process, the better your conversion. Customers also get the additional benefit of no interest ever with a Zip Pay account.

If a  customer wishes to make a  purchase for over $1,000 we want to enable them to do so. Customers can own the things they love and have more funds to shop with a Zip Money account. 

More about Zip Pay and Zip Money

Is there a change to my fee structure?

No, your merchant service fee will be the same for Zip Pay and Zip Money (3 months interest free) purchases.

Why does the customer have to put in the amount they are looking to spend?

To keep the process as simple as possible, we choose the right product for customers, based on the amount they’d like to spend. Depending on the amount, we set them for the account that meets their needs.

Do I advertise Zip Pay and Zip Money?

If you are directing customers to the URL, you should be using our standard in store marketing collateral which advertises ‘Zip’. Customers will be introduced to the account types at the time of sign up.

Does the ‘create an invite’ button in the dashboard still work?

Yes! Your dashboard will function for your staff as normal. Customers who receive an invite will also go through the new sign up process. 

Do we have to offer the new process?

Customers won’t be able to access the old sign-up process through the link - it takes them to the new sign-up flow. If you are using the new in store marketing material, or the 'create invite' and 'create order' functions, customers will go through the new sign-up process.

If you are not using our new in store marketing material and would like to sign customers up for both Zip Pay and Zip Money instore, just visit to get started.

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