Accepting both Zip Pay and Zip Money

I can now accept both Zip Pay and Zip Money?

Previously, partners have only been able to accept payments online and in-store from either Zip Pay or Zip Money customers. Recent changes have allowed you accept orders from both Zip Pay and Zip Money account holders. This will give you access to hundreds of thousands of new zip customers.

Does accepting Zip Money mean I am now advertising a credit product on my website?
NO. If you are currently offering Zip Pay, you will continue to only be able to sign up customers to Zip Pay. This new feature only gives zipMoney account holders to option to spend their zip dollars with you. It is the same as accepting a credit card on your website.

What interest free period will Zip Money customers receive?
Zip Money purchases at Zip Pay retailers will be set 3 months interest free as default. If you would like to discuss increasing the interest free period for Zip Money customer purchases please call our merchant support team.

How do zipMoney customers know what the interest free period on this purchase is?
This will be advised at the time of purchase & shown above the confirm button

Will my fees change for zipMoney transactions?
No, your merchant service fee for Zip Pay will stay the same.

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