Zip has rebranded!


We are still the same Zip you know and love, but have simply got a fresh new look, colours and updated logo.

There's no change to our two accounts 'Zip Pay' & 'Zip Money' - but you'll now simply start seeing 'Zip' at checkout.


When logging in, look for our new account logos:



Why is Zip Rebranding? 
Zip Pay and Zip Money have always been two different accounts brought to you by the same company Zip. As we have evolved you can now use your account at any of our retailers, so our new branding will reflect this more clearly and having one logo will help you to identify Zip at checkout.

Can I still use my existing account in the same way? Yes, you don’t need to change anything. Just keep using Zip in the same way, with your same login details.

Can I still use my account at the same retailers?
Yes, you can continue to use your account at thousands of retailers online and instore – anywhere you see the Zip logo. We’ve been working with our retail partners to help implement the Zip rebrand. For a full list of stores, check this list.

Will my details remain safe?
Yes, security of your data is always our top priority so there's no change here. As part of our rebrand you will not need to update your password.

Will there be changes to the fees, charges, or terms and conditions?
No. Everything will remain the same and you’ll continue to enjoy the same benefits, like being able to make interest free purchases with no hidden fees.

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