How to Complete the Ordering Process

What is an Authorised Order?

You can think of an Authorised transaction as being halfway between the customer's account, and your's.

The customer has approved the purchase, and they no longer have those funds available in their Zip account. It will sit as a pending balance. While the balance is pending, the repayments and interest free period will not commence.

You can leave a transaction as Authorised in the instance of a pre-order, or when delivery is scheduled for a later date. As a partner, you will receive payment once the transaction is completed.

Completing the Transaction

Locate the order on your dashboard, and click the Action icon in the Actions column.


Click Process Payment


A pop-up window will appear. You may have the option to capture a portion of the transaction - if so, amend the amount. Click Process Payment


The order status will update on your dashboard accordingly.

  • Completed: should the full amount be captured
  • Partially Paid: should you process a partial capture
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