How do I Create a Zip Order In Store

Processing an in store Zip transaction takes seconds. Your customer will need to be signed into their Zip digital wallet on a mobile phone to provide a Customer Store Code.

If your customer does not already have a Zip account, they can apply on the spot.

Zip Pay Application:
Zip Money Application:

Once your customer has registered their account, they are ready to go!

Processing a Transaction

Click Create Order in the top left-hand side of the dashboard.


A pop up window will appear. Ensure you have selected IN STORE. The branch should auto-select - if not, choose your branch from the drop-down menu.

Should you see an Order Reference field, please note this is for your internal use only. As such, you may enter what you like.

Enter the order amount and request the Customer Store Code

After entering the code, you may have the option to select an interest free period via a drop-down menu. 

  • Any Zip Pay transaction will be interest free always
  • A Zip Money transaction with a Zip Pay partner will default 3 months interest free

Click Create Order


The customer can find their Customer Store Code by signing into their Zip digital wallet on a mobile phone. Note: the Shop In Store option will not be visible if they sign in on a computer or tablet

Once signed in, they need to select Shop In Store at the right-hand side of the bottom menu bar. Note: for security reasons, the code is only valid for 5 minutes

After you create the order, the customer will be prompted to confirm it on their phone.


Once the customer has confirmed the order, their digital wallet will display a receipt and their balance will be adjusted.

If the transaction shows as Completed, Voila! The sale is complete, and the customer can take their purchase.

If the transaction shows as Authorised, you need to capture the order to complete the sale.

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