How do I Create a Zip Order In Store

1. Sign into your Dashboard by visiting


If the Customer does not have an account yet, then you will need to select 'Create Invite'.

2. Click Create Order and a pop up will appear. Double check the In Store option is selected at the top of the pop up.

3. Enter the total order amount and then ask the customer to supply the Customer Store Code.

To assist the customer in finding the 'Customer Store Code' ask them to sign into their Digital Wallet. If they do not yet have an account with Zip - please ask them to sign up, via our website at

4. After the customer has signed into the Digital Wallet, they will see the Shop in-store option at the bottom of the screen.

Once the customer clicks on it, they will see the in store code.


The customer will only see the in-store option in their digital wallet if they are on their phone. It won't work with a laptop or tablet.

5. Enter the customer's store code and click Create Order.

6. The customer will be prompted to confirm their order on their phone.

7. When the customer has successfully confirmed the order, depending on your setup either

  • a Success pop up will appear and the order is completed, or
  • the order will appear in your dashboard and you will have to click on Complete.

8. Now you can safely provide the customer with their goods.

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