Creating an Invite

First, identify if sending the customer an invite instead of an order is the best option at hand.


If it is, please do the following

  • Select the blue Create Invite button, located at the top left hand corner.


  • Then:
    • For Zip Pay: Populate customer details
    • For Zip Money: Populate customer details and select the credit limit that is suitable for the customer from the drop down. The credit limits are specific to your business. Best to discuss with the customer what the best option for them would be.
  • Click Create Invitation. This will send the customer an SMS prompting them to sign up via their social accounts.


If the customer does not receive the SMS, make sure their number is correct. If that's the case, please send them a new invite. If the details are correct, locate their name in the Orders tab and click on the 3 dots located in the right hand column of the corresponding row, the select Resend invite. Sometimes it can take a couple of minutes for the SMS to come through. You can also check the status of our services to see if something is down that would stop the SMS from being sent.

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