Making an additional payment via BPAY

To make an additional payment via BPay using your internet or phone banking, you will need the BILLER CODE (it's 228551) and your Zip account REFERENCE number details. To find the reference details, simply log into your Digital Wallet and go to:

  2. Select PAY BY BPAY
  3. Take note of the BPay BILLER CODE and REFERENCE number, as you will need these to make a payment
  4. Follow the prompts on your online or phone banking to finalise your BPay payment

Please note

this will be an additional payment to your scheduled payment. The scheduled payment will still be charged (if you still have an outstanding balance). We recommend that you amend your scheduled payments rather than make one-off additional payments, as this means you won't have to do anything yourself later on! Also, it will take roughly 3 business days before the BPAY payment shows in your digital wallet.

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