Understanding your account statement

We'll send you a statement each month, which you can access at any time in your Digital Wallet. Your statement provides a summary of all your Zip Money transactions from that month.

In your statement, you'll find information on:

  • Your opening balance: The total amount you owe at the start of the statement period
  • Your closing balance: The total amount you owe at the end of the statement period
  • Payment due date: The date you need to make the minimum monthly payment by
  • Minimum payment: The minimum amount you need to pay before your payment due date (if your minimum payment is $0, you don't need to make a payment)
  • Interest free balance: The portion of your outstanding balance that is interest free
  • Statement period: The monthly period covered by this statement
  • Standard annual percentage rate: The interest rate that applies after your interest free period ends (this will depend on the retailer you purchased from)
  • Fees: Any fees that have been applied to your account, including your establishment fee, monthly account fee, late fees etc.
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