Your Zip Pay statement explained

We'll send you a statement each month, which you can also access at any time in your Digital Wallet. Your statement provides a summary of all your Zip Pay transactions from that month.

In your statement, you'll find information on:

  • Your opening balance: The total amount you owe at the start of the statement period
  • Your closing balance: The total amount you owe at the end of the statement period
  • Payment due date: The date you need to make the minimum monthly payment by
  • Minimum payment: The minimum amount you need to pay before your payment due date (if your minimum payment is $0, you don't need to make a payment)
  • Statement period: The monthly period covered by this statement
  • Fees: Any fees that have been applied to your account, including your establishment fee, monthly account fee, late fees etc.

No balance outstanding? No payment!

Sign into your Zip Pay account to

  • change your repayment schedule,
  • view your available funds,
  • increase your repayment, or
  • make a one-off payment to bring your account balance down faster. Just remember, a one-off payment will not replace or stop your scheduled monthly payment.

Did you know you can avoid monthly fees?

It’s true! If you have no outstanding balance at the end of the month, you will avoid a $6 monthly service fee being applied to your account.


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