Pay Bills With Zip Money

Eligible customers can use their Zip Money account to pay their bills through BPAY. Just a 1.25% payment processing fee per bill, and we take care of the rest.

Can I pay any bill with my Zip Money account?
You can pay bills from any biller that accepts BPAY payments (that is over 45,000 billers!) with some exclusions such as credit card bills, personal loans and betting accounts.

How do I pay my bills with my Zip Money account?
1. To pay a bill with Zip and receive 3 months interest-free on your bill payments simply log into your wallet, click on the menu and select 'Pay Bills with Zip'.

2. Enter the BPAY biller code and reference number for the bill you want to pay. Enter the order amount and optional description. Review the details and click 'confirm' to make the payment.

You will be able to see the bill payment in your 'recent activity' along with all your other transaction history.

What are the interest-free terms and fees for bill payments?
There is a small processing fee of 1.25% for each bill paid.

You will receive 3 months interest-free on all your bill payments. Reminder: there is a $6 monthly account keeping fee for any month you have an outstanding balance on your Zip Money account. No balance, no fee.

How many bills can I pay with Zip?
As many as you like! As long as you have available funds in your Zip Money account you can use 'Pay Bills with Zip' for BPAY bill payments.

How long does it take for the payment to go through?
Payments made after 4pm (AEDT) will be processed the next NSW business day. Your Zip Money account will be debited instantly but you should allow up to 3 business days for your bill payment to be processed.

What if the payment doesn't go through in time to pay my bill by the due date?
Payments can take up to 3 business days for the payment to go through. We recommend you leave yourself plenty of time before your bill due date so you don't risk incurring a late fee from your biller.

Can I schedule BPAY payments or set up repeat payment schedules?
No, you may only pay bills one at a time.

How do refunds work?
As we are only the intermediary between you and the biller, you will need to get in contact with them.

What is BPAY and how does it work?
BPAY is an easy-to-use service offered by Zip Money (alongside many other financial institutions) and over 45,000 billers in Australia. You can use BPAY to pay tax bills, school fees, energy, phone and many more.

With Zip Money, you receive 3 months interest-free on any BPAY bill payment. Simply locate the BPAY biller code and reference code on your bill, log in to your Zip Money account and click 'Pay Bills with Zip' to enter the details and pay your bills interest-free.

What is the interest rate after the 3 months interest-free ends?
Interest will be charged at your standard annual percentage rate of 19.9%pa which is outlined in your contract emailed at the time of application, or refer to your statement via your account.

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